Individual Neurons List

All Neurons Poster - pdf

Head Neurons Poster

Tail Neurons Poster

Ganglia and Longitudinal Tracts Poster - pdf

Dendrites Poster

Pharyngeal Neurons Poster - pdf

Neuronal Wiring and Connectivity

Quick References Table (Postembryonic neurons and Ciliated neurons)

The Evidence for Classical Neurotransmitters in
C. elegans
Neurons -
by C. Loer and J. Rand

Criteria for Assigning a Neurotransmitter Function in C. elegans - by C. Loer

A Table of Neurotransmitter and Neuropeptide Receptors (NTR & NPR) in C. elegans - by Z. Altun
-Excel file for NTR

Neuropeptides in C. elegans (in Wormbook) -
by C.Li and K. Kim

Monoamine Synthesis Pathways Poster -
by Z. Altun

Serotonergic Neurons -
by C. Loer

Dopaminergic Neurons -
by C. Loer