Type: Motor neuron, interneuron
Male Wiring Project:
In Wormbase: RID
Lineage: AB alappaapa
Location: Head
Description: Single neuron, situated in the dorsal ganglion. RID sister undergoes apoptosis during embryonic development. RID has a short dorsal process and a long ventral process. In 90% of animals the ventral process of RID runs down on the left side of the NR and enters the VNC on the same side. In the remaining 10% it runs down on the right side and enters the nerve ring on the right (pers. comm. M. Zhen; Wang et al., 2016). The process then exits the VNC via the same-side amphid commissure and continues as a commissure to reach the DC and runs along the length of the DC
Neurotransmitter/ Neuropeptide:
Innexin expression:
Receptor expression:

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RID (AB alappaapa) development in the embryo.
Dorsal view. Bottom is left side of the embryo. Spheres indicate individual nuclei. Black sphere: ancestors of RID; dark grey spheres: apoptotic cells; other cells follow the WA color code (after they acquire specific cell or tissue identities). 0 min is fertilization. Click on the movie for higher resolution rendition (by A. Santella & Z. Bao).

Last revision: July 3, 2014