MaleNeuroFIG 1: Male tail ganglia.

MaleNeuroFIG1C 1Male tail ganglia

MaleNeuroFIG 1: Mail tail ganglia.

Left Panel: Male C. elegans has two male-specific ganglia (CG) in addition to the shared ganglia with the hermaphrodite. CG: cloacal ganglion; DNC: dorsal nerve cord; DRG: dorsal root ganglion; LG: lumbar ganglion; PAG: preanal ganglion; VNC: ventral nerve cord.
Right panel: Placement of the ganglia in relation to the tail muscles.
Bottom panel:
TEM showing cross sections of lumbar ganglia (LG), cloacal ganglia (CG) and preanal ganglion (PAG). Inset indicates section level along the tail of the male (Image source: N2Y [MRC] N2YLP41-print 119)(for muscle nomenclature refer to MaleMusTABLE 1)