ReproTABLE 1 Lineal origin of the reproductive system

ReproTABLE 1: Lineal origin of the reproductive system.

Tissues that make up the major components of the adult reproductive system: the somatic gonad, the germ line, and the egg-laying apparatus.
aNumber of terminal cells per anterior or posterior arm (n,n) or entire gonad (n).
bExcept for HSNL/R neurons, which are born in the embryo, reproductive tissues are generated post-embryonically from precursor cells present in the animal at hatching.
cThe anchor cell is a transient cell that functions during development then fuses with the uterus in late L4.
(DTC) Distal tip cell; (DG) distal gonad; (PG) proximal gonad; (Sp) spermatheca; (Sp-ut) spermathecal-uterine valve; VC1-6 and HSNL/R are motor neurons that control egg-laying.

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