PhaFIG 9A_E Pharyngeal neurons

PhaFIG 9A-E: Pharyngeal neurons.

A. Schematic of pharyngeal neurons I1L, NSML and M2L. (Arrowhead) Position of the pharyngeal nerve ring where processes from these and other neurons make dorsal-ventral turns. (Boxes) Section levels of D and E.
Epifluorescent image of I1L expressing the reporter gene, zag-1::GFP, lateral view. (NR) nerve ring. (Strain source: S. Clark.) Magnifications, 400x.
C. Epifluorescent image of NSML expressing the reporter gene tph-1::GFP, lateral view. (NR) nerve ring. Box indicates level of E. (Strain source: S. Clark.) Magnifications, 400x.
Transverse TEM section where the somatic neuron RIP enters the pharynx to make gap junctions (inset, white arrow) to the pharyngeal neuron I1. The subcuticular ending of I1 is also seen close to the lumen. Bar, 1 μm. (Image source: [MRC] Q series 1730-8a.)
Subcuticular ending of one NSM cell near the pharyngeal nerve ring. NSM attaches to the muscle cell by adherens junctions (arrowheads). Muscle cells contain dark-staining tubules and make adherens junctions to marginal cells(mc) as well (arrowheads). (Inset) NSM, enlarged, with multiple small clear vesicles inside. (Numbers on the image are from the original print.) (Image source: N2T [MRC] A348-8.)

See also PhaFIG 9F-H.

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