PhaFIG 3E_G Embryonic development of the digestive tract

PhaFIG 3E-G: Embryonic development of the digestive tract.

E. Development of the pharyngeal lumen by retraction of the marginal cells from the midline when pharyngeal muscles begin to contract. (Left panel) A 400-minute embryo; (middle panel) 430-minute embryo; (right panel) late embryogenesis. (aj) Adherens junctions.
F. Adherens junctions between muscle and marginal cells (black arrows) and adherens junction remnants (white arrows) within the syncytial muscle cells. (Ch) Pharyngeal channels. TEM, transverse section. Bar, 1 μm.
G. Adherens junction remnant (arrow) immunogold-stained with gold-coated MH-27 antibody. (Image source: Hall archive.)

See also PhaFIG 3A-D.

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