NeuroFIG 2DE Placement and topology of somatic neurons

NeuroFIG 2D&E: Placement and topology of somatic neurons.

D. Neurons (purple, red) are positioned between the hypodermis (beige) and the hypodermal basal lamina (orange line). Arms from the muscles (green) reach the nerves to receive input at neuromuscular junctions that traverse the basal laminae. Synapses between neurons and muscles and between neurons are made en passant at process swellings (arrowheads).
Epifluorescent image of a transgenic animal expressing cyan fluorescent protein (CFP) in D-type motor neurons. GABAergic synaptic varicosities in the motor neurons, specifying the GABA release sites at NMJs, are seen in a punctate manner along the nerve. Some SNB-1-CFP accumulates in motor neuron soma (arrows). Strain marker: Punc-47::snb1::CFP (synaptobrevin under the control of unc-4 promoter and tagged with CFP). Bar, 20 μm. (Image source: C. Gally and J.L. Bessereau.)

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