NeuroFIG 20 Body commissures travel circumferentially to reach the DC

NeuroFIG 20: Body commissures travel circumferentially to reach the dorsal cord.

A. Epifluorescent image from a transgenic animal expressing the GABAergic neuron-specific unc-47::GFP reporter gene. The commissure from the VD1 neuron travels dorsally on the right side of the body, whereas the commissure from the DD1 neuron travels on the left, dorsal view. (Strain source: K. Schuske and E. Jorgensen.)
TEM at the level of the posterior pharyngeal region, transverse section. At this level, the DC straddles the dorsal hypodermal ridge (cf. NeuroFIG 5E). The commissural processes reach the DC by traveling between muscle and hypodermis, underneath the basal lamina. Several muscle arms cluster near the DC, across the basal lamina. (hmc) Head mesodermal cell. Bar, 1 μm. (Image source: [MRC] N2U-A239-20.)

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