NeuroFIG 15-1 Detailed route of an amphid commissure

NeuroFIG 15-1: Detailed route of an amphid commissure.

The trajectory of one of the processes that comprise the left amphid commissure (RIBL interneuron) is shown through sequential TEM images overlayed with color and graphics. After originating from cell bodies situated in lateral ganglia (1), the left- and right-side RIB axons first travel ventrally and slightly posteriorly within the amphid commissures (2) until they reach the junction of the hypodermis and ventral body wall muscle. From here, they make a medial turn (3) and travel on the ventral side of the axon bundle anteriorly and medially until they meet the VNC (4). Once they reach their positions in the ventral cord, they turn anteriorly (5) and travel toward the NR (6). Green color on TEMs indicates the body wall muscles. The TEMs on the right side are the same as those used to generate the sequential and layered image on the left. (Bottom right schematic image) Area of the sections from a right lateral view. (Image source: [MRC] N2T.)

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