NeuroFIG 11C-G Neurons that sense ambient oxygen levels

NeuroFIG 11C-G: Neurons that sense ambient oxygen levels.

C. DIC image, lateral view. URXR is positioned on the right dorsal side of the isthmus, adjacent to the posterior edge of the NR. Magnification, 600x.
DIC image, lateral view. AQR is an unpaired neuron located on the right side, near the terminal bulb of the pharynx. Magnification, 600x. (Inset) Schematic representation of the placement of AQR and ADER cilia in the pseudocoelom and cuticle, respectively. The dorsal branches of ADER and FLP continue anteriorly on the lateral sides of the terminal bulb (arrows). Right anterior deirid commissure processes are omitted.
Epifluorescent images from an animal expressing the reporter gene gcy-32::GFP in oxygen-sensing neurons.
E. URX axons enter the nerve ring subdorsally (arrowhead, right panel), whereas their dendrites travel anteriorly with the subdorsal labial process bundles, before terminating as nonciliated, flattened endings associated with the dorsal inner labial sensilla (left panel). The axon of AQR enters the VNC via the right-side deirid commissure (small arrow, right panel) and travels anteriorly before splitting posteriorly to the nerve ring. The AQR dendrite terminates in a cilium (large arrow) that is exposed to the pseudocoelomic space. Magnifications: right panel, 600x; left panel, 1000x. (Strain source: S. Yu and L. Avery/CGC.)
F. PQR is an unpaired neuron situated in the left lumbar ganglion. Its anterior axon runs within the VNC, before it terminates slightly posterior to the vulva. Its posteriorly directed dendrite terminates with a cilium. Magnification, 600x. (Same strain as in E.)
G. DIC image, left lateral view. The PQR nucleus is seen within the left lumbar ganglion posterior to the rectum. (a) Anus. Magnification, 600x.

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