MusFIG 22 Uterine muscles of the hermaphrodite

MusFIG 22: Uterine muscles of the hermaphrodite.

A. Each um1 cell is single sarcomeric and attaches to the uterus close to the vulva on the ventral side and to the lateral seam cells close to the utse cell-seam attachment sites on the dorsal side. These cells encircle the ventral half of the proximal uterus on either side of the vulva. More distal from the vulva, each arm of the uterus is encircled by a pair of the distal set of uterine muscle cells (um2). um2 muscles may have more diffuse filament anchorages along the uterine basal lamina. (Image source: R. Lints.)
. Epifluorescent images from transgenic animals expressing the reporter gene unc-27::GFP.
(Dotted line) Ventral midline, ventral view.
C. (Dotted lines) Ventral midline and seam cell positions, ventral oblique view. (Strain source: L. Jia and S.W. Emmons.)
Epifluorescent image from an adult transgenic animal expressing the reporter gene F54A5.3a::GFP, left lateral view. (Arrowheads) utse cells. (Image source: R. Newbury. The Genome BC C. elegans gene expression consortium [McKay et al. 2004].)

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