IntFIG 5C_E Ultrastructure of the intestinal cells

IntFIG 5C-F: Ultrastructure of the intestinal cells.

Pseudocolored, transverse TEM images. (DC) Dorsal cord; (VNC) ventral cord.
Section through the anterior body. Bar. 1 μm.( Image source: [Hall] N510-G127.)
Section through the last intestinal ring. (PAG) Preanal ganglion. (Image source: [Hall] B140-T579.)
Intestinal lumen of the third intestinal ring, magnified. Same image as in C. A complex junction (arrow) next to an adherens junction (arrowhead) seals the two intestinal cells to each other (inset). A basal lamina covers the surface of the intestine facing the pseudocoelom.
F. Diagram of a cross section through an intestinal cell.

See also IntFIG 5A&B.

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