ExcFIG 9 The excretory pore cell and the duct cell

ExcFIG 9: The excretory pore cell and the duct cell

A. TEM of horizontal section. Ultrastructure of the excretory pore and its cuticle. (Image source: [Hall] N533 N1 C629B.)
B. TEM, transverse section showing the excretory pore that splits the ventral nerve cord into two at midline. The pore cell makes adherens junctions (arrowheads) to hypodermis on the ventral side and the pore cuticle becomes continuous with the body cuticle. Bar, 1 μm. (Image source: [Hall] N513A.)
C. TEM of transverse section. The excretory duct cell contains numerous lamellae (Lm) that increase the apical surface. The duct shows a tortuous path within the cell. Arrowheads point to regions in which the pore cell makes intracellular adherens junctions. (N), Duct cell nucleus. Image source: Hall.)
D. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of an adult C. elegans showing the pore located at the ventral midline and at the same level as the anterior deirid sensillum. The excretory pore is open in all stages of the animal including the dauer. (Image source: [Hall] SEM archive.)

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