CutFIG 12 Structure of adult cuticle

CutFIG 12: Cuticle structure of mutant animals.

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) images show annuli and furrow structures of worm cuticle. Worms were immobilized, immersed in M9 buffer and imaged live using a NanoWizard3 JPK atomic force microscope.
Topography images of 9µm of cuticle.
3D representation of A-E.
Cuticle from a wildtype N2 animal.
B&F. Cuticle from a lon-2 animal showing a greater distance between annuli. Mutants are longer than wildtype.
C&G. Cuticle from a dpy-5 animal showing a shorter period between annuli. Mutants have a dumpy phenotype that is shorter than wildtype.

D&H. Cuticle from a dpy-7 animal showing a disorganized cuticle structure. These mutants are dumpy and have no typical annuli/ furrow formation present.
(AFM image source C. Essmann, Essmann et al., 2017.)

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