CcFIG 4 Coelomocytes in early L1

CcFIG 4: Coelomocytes in early L1.

Embryonically generated coelomocytes are localized at stereotyped positions on the right and left ventral sides.

A. The early L1 nuclei as seen from the left side. The ventral left pair is located slightly anterior to the gonad primordium (GP). The ventral right coelomocyte pair (faint yellow) and M blast cell (faint green) nuclei are also shown, although they reside on the right side of the animal. (Bwmu) Body wall muscle; (Exc) excretory cell. The body wall muscle cells and the ventral cord motor neurons (purple ovals) are more numerous than shown here.
B. Epifluorescent micrograph of an early-L1 stage, unc-122::GFP transgenic animal. (V) Vesicles (insets); (GP) gonad primordium.
DIC/Epifluorescent (left) and epifluorescent (right) micrographs of ccAR and ccPR in an L1 animal. Nuclei (N) are granulated and do not contain nucleoli in the L1 stage. (V) Vesicle. Magnification 400x. (Strain source: D. Williams and E. Jorgensen).

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