CcFIG 1 Coelomocytes in teh adult hermaphrodite

CcFIG 1: Coelomocytes in the adult hermaphrodite.

Three pairs of coelomocytes reside in the pseudocoelomic cavity. Four of these cells are on the ventral side. Two of these (ccPR and ccAR) are situated close to the head, whereas the other two (ccPL and ccAL) are close to midbody, anterior to vulva. The remaining pair (ccDR and ccDL) is located dorsally in the posterior body. An epifluorescent image of a transgenic animal expressing the reporter gene unc-122::GFP in coelomocytes is overlayed on the DIC image of the whole animal, seen from the right side. (Inset, left) A magnified DIC image, right lateral view, of ccDR (arrow) between intestine (In), distal gonad (DG), and body wall (Bw). The nucleus contains a nucleolus (white arrow). Arrowhead points to a vesicle within the cell. (Inset, right) Magnified epifluorescent image of the same cell; the vesicle is seen as translucent. (N) Nucleus. (Strain source: D. Williams and E. Jorgensen.)

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