AlimFIG 1The alimentary system in C. elegans

AlimFIG 1: The alimentary system in C. elegans.

A. Schematic drawing of the alimentary system of C. elegans.
B. The C. elegans alimentary system is derived polyclonally from the EMS (posterior pharynx is derived mainly from MS and intestine from E) and AB (anterior pharynx is derived mainly from ABa and rectum from ABp) lineages. (Based on Fukushige et al., 1996.)
C. Lineage tree and cell divisions that give rise to the pharynx and the intestine. Intestinal cells are derived from a single blast cell E, whereas the pharyngeal cells are derived from both the AB and MS blast cells. E daughters are clonal, whereas AB and MS daughters have mixed cell fates. (Green) Pharyngeal lineages; (pink) intestinal lineages. The bar on the left indicates time after fertilization, stages of development and cell migrations during embryonic development at 20oC.

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