Corrections in the first prints of C. elegans Atlas:
(Corrected pdf documents are provided below, however, corrected versions can also be found in the online atlas)
Page ix (Preface) : "Media Research Council at Cambridge" should be corrected as "Medical Research Council at Cambridge"
Page 8: Corrected Fig 1.2 legend; (DC) Dorsal cord
Page 13: Corrected Fig 1.7 legend; (Blue bar) Gastrulation
Page 18: Corrected Table 2.1 legend (b); The number of hyp 7 nuclei in the adult male is corrected as 147.
Page 32: Corrected Fig 2.11 panel B; The number and location of hyp 7 nuclei are corrected.
Page 40: Corrected Fig 2.16 legend; the sentence should be"..animals expressing the F09D12.1::GFP reporter" instead of "animals expressing the F09D12.15::GFP reporter"
Page 61: Corrected Table 3.1(pdf file): IL1 should be (6, head), instead of (2, head). Note that OLL neurons also have striated rootlet (see Table 3.3 on page 98)
Page 73: Corrected Fig 3.2; panel C (pdf file); note IL1R, IL2R, IL1VR and IL2VR positions reversed in this panel, also the line pointing to ILshVL is incorrectly placed on the neuron rather than the sheath itself. Panel E legend should be "cyan fluorescent protein (CFP) in D-type motor neurons"
Page 75-76: Corrected Fig 3.4; panels B E, F and G (pdf file) ; note HSN and CAN positions are reversed in panel B, AVKL and AVKR positions are reversed in panel E, PVQL and PVQR positions are reversed in panel F, and PVPL and PVPR positions reversed in panel G. Also the legend for panel F should be "tracts of the VNC (arrowheads)."
Page 80: Corrected Fig 3.7; top panel (pdf file); note DA5-AS7 neuron somata positions corrected in top panel
Page 93: Corrected Fig 3.19; panel A (pdf file); note SABD commissure on the R side and RID commissure on either side in panel A
Page 112: Corrected Fig 3.29 legend; strain source for panels B and E is Casonya Johnson
Page 117: Corrected Fig 3.34 Panel F (pdf file) and legend; the section shown is from the right side of the animal, not left, so the legend should read "BAGR cilium" and FLPR cilium" and the labels on the panel should point to "IL2R", IL1R" etc.
Page 124: Corrected Fig 3.41; panel C (pdf file); note spurious label 72% in panel C
Page 142: Corrected Fig 4.9; panel B (pdf file); note corrected neuron label as AVM, instead of ALM
Page 168: Corrected Fig 5.12; panels G and H are switched (pdf file)
Page 173: Under "Uterine Muscles" the sixth sentence should be "This myofilament network seems to be anchored to the basal lamina on the surface facing the uterus by randomly placed attachment points, similar to the distribution of the dense bodies in vertebrate smooth muscles (Fig. 5. 1)".
Page 192: Corrected Fig 6.2; panel C (pdf file); note corrected cell name MSapapaa, instead of Msapapaa, in panel C
Page 203: Under the title "Other Neurons", the second sentence should be; "The motor-interneuron MI is a single unipolar cell" rather than "The motor-interneuron M1 is a single unipolar cell"
Page 207: Corrected Fig 7.2; the neuron pair nuclei (red ovals) located in the right and left sides of the anterior bulb should be labelled MC rather than "mc". Also note that pm5 and g1 positions on btoh sides were switched in the original image.(See corrected image here).
Page 214: Corrected Fig 7.7 legend; panel (B) bar 8 mm, panel (C) bar 6 mm.
Page 216 & 217: Corrected Fig 7.9; panels A & B; dorsal g1 indicator line incorrectly points to the upper lobe of (R) ventral g1 cell which is in the upper anterior part of the posterior pharyngeal bulb. This lobe is not part of dorsal g1, but belongs to (R) ventral g1 cell. Also in panel B, the anteriorly directed process of dorsal g1 does not fuse with (R) ventral g1 as shown, but passes by it separately to continue its anterior trajectory. Panels F & G; the small vesicule-filled area between (L) ventral g2 and pm8 is part of dorsal g1 cell. In panel G; (R) ventral g2 and (L) ventral g2 labels are swapped. Panel C image source [MRC] N2T (section A64-4), panel F image source [MRC] N2W (section A420-16).
Page 222: Corrected Fig 7.12; panel A; note corrected gland cell labels as dorsal g1 instead of g2.
Page 234: Under the title "Rectal Valve ", the blast cell name in the second sentence of the second paragraph should be; "ABplpapppp" rather than "Abplpapppp"