The Mind of 
	a Worm

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Members: PDA.

PDA is a single motoneuron that innervates posterior dorsal body muscles. Its cell body is situated at the posterior end of the pre-anal ganglion and has a large amoeboid nucleus (d). A process leaves the cell body and runs round to the dorsal cord via the right hand lumbar commissure (e). This process then runs anteriorly for some distance in the dorsal cord (the location of its end point has not been determined). PDA has few synaptic contacts; in the ventral cord and the commissure region, there is a triadic synapse to PVN, DA9 and a hypodermal cell (c), and in the dorsal cord there are a couple of NMJs (a) and a synapse to DD6 (b). PDA receives a single, but fairly prominent, synapse from DVB. Magnifications: (a-c) x 25500, (d) x 12750.

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