The Mind of 
	a Worm

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Members: AIML, AIMR.

AIM is a set of two interneurons with cell bodies in the ventral ganglion behind the excretory duct. Processes run anteriorly from the cell bodies, adjacent to the lateral surfaces of the ventral cord. On entering the nerve ring they move round to the inside surface until they reach a sub-dorsal position, where they loop out into the middle of the neuropile and then return to the inner surface until the processes meet and terminate with a gap junction on the dorsal mid-line. The main synaptic output is to AIA, usually in association with ASG (a) or ASK as dyadic partners. Synapses are also made to ASJ (b), AVF, the cephalic sheath cells (c) and a few other minor partners. There is not much synaptic input except for a few synapses from ASK (*c). There are gap junctions to SIBD (d) (there was only one present in the U series but there is one on each side in the H series). Magnifications: (a-d) x 25500.

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