Embryonic Cell Lineage (by J .E. Sulston, E. Schierenberg, J. G. White, J. N. Thomson)


Postembryonic Cell Lineages (by J .E. Sulston and H. R. Horvitz)

H, V, T lineages P lineages Q, G, K lineages M lineage B, Y (C), U (E), F lineages (in male)

Gonadal lineages (by J. Kimble and D. Hirsh)

Z1, Z4 lineage (hermaphrodite) Z1, Z4 lineage (male)      
Abbreviations used in the tables:
bm: body muscle
cc: coelomocyte    
dtc: distal tip cell      
g: neuron or glial cell
i: intestine
lc: linker cells      
se: seam
set: tail seam
sv: seminal vesicle      
sy syncytial
um1: type 1 uterine muscle
um2: type 2 uterine muscle      
vh: ventral hypodermal cell      
vm1: type 1 vulval muscle      
vm2: type 2 vulval muscle