The Mind of 
	a Worm

Members: RIBL, RIBR.

RIB is a set of two interneurons with cell bodies in the lateral ganglia. Processes enter the ventral cord via the amphidial commissures and project anteriorly, running in the ventral regions of the cord. AIY often wraps round the processes of RIB in the region of the ventral ganglion (e). Processes enter the ring and run round it near the outside surface and the posterior face, eventually meeting and stopping at the dorsal mid-line with a gap junction to their contralateral partners (a). There are two branch points situated near the sub-dorsal and the sub-ventral process bundles from the labial sensilla; dorsally and ventrally directed branches from these points run, closely associated with the processes of AVE, in the anterior regions of the nerve ring. These processes terminate with gap junctions to their contralateral partners on the dorsal (b) and ventral (d) mid-lines. There are also laterally situated gap junctions between processes of the same cell (c). The main synaptic outputs are to AVE (h), RIA (f), AIB, AIZ (h) and AVA (g) but the synapses are generally rather small. The main synaptic inputs are from: OLL (*a), AUA (*a), AIY (*e), BAG (*a), RIG (*d), AIN (*c), AIB (*a), RIS (*c), RIH (*b) and URY. RIB is unusual as it has gap junctions to many other classes of cell; these are OLQ (c), AVB (g), RIG (*g), SIB (*c), SIA (*a), SMB, DVB and SMD. Magnifications: (a, b, d, e, h) x 12750, (c, f, g) x 25500.

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