The Mind of 
	a Worm

Members: ASJL, ASJR.

ASJ is a set of two ciliated neurons that are part of the amphid sensilla. The endings are in the amphid channel, which is open to the outside (figure 1). Cell bodies are situated in the lateral ganglia and send processes into the ventral cord via the amphid commissures. These processes run anteriorly near the lateral extremities of the ventral cord and then project into the nerve ring where they run near the inner surface. At all times the processes of ASJ run in close association with those of PVQ onto which they synapse extensively and almost exclusively (a, b). The processes of ASJ meet and terminate at the dorsal mid-line with a gap junction between them (c). A few of the vesicles in synapses have dark cores (a) but these are less prominent than those seen in the other amphidial neurons. Some synapses are made onto ASK but usually in association with PVQ (d). There is some synaptic input from AIM (*b). Magnifications: (a) x 25500, (b-d) x 12750.

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