The Mind of 
	a Worm

Member: ALA.

ALA is a single cell situated in the dorsal ganglion just behind the nerve ring (b). A short process enters the dorsal cord and then peters out. Two larger, bilaterally symmetrical processes leave the cell body and run right and left round the ring, leaving it laterally and running down the length of the animal, adjacent to the excretory canal and alongside the processes of CAN and PVD. This group of three processes, which run in close association to the excretory canal, has not been followed completely along the length of the animal although it has been sampled in several places. No synapses have been seen from this group except for one small synapse to the lateral hypodermis (CAN-c). Two of the three processes end at about the level of the anus and one enters the lumbar ganglion and synapses onto PVC (d). In the nerve ring, ALA has a few synapses to AVE (a) and possibly CEPsh (a) and a gap junction to RID (c) in the dorsal cord. Magnifications: (a, d) x 25500, (b) x 6375, (c) x 12750.

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