Type: Interneuron
Male Wiring Project:
In Wormbase: PVT
Lineage: AB plpappppa
Location: Pre-anal ganglion
Description: Interneuron, projects along ventral cord to ring. Hermaphrodites and males exhibit some differences in PVT connectivity
Neurotransmitter/ Neuropeptide:
- PDF-1; pigment dispensing factor homolog
(Barrios et al, 2012)
Innexin expression:
- INX-3
- INX-4 (aka CHE-7)
- INX-7
- INX-17
- INX-18
- UNC-7
- UNC-9
(Altun et al., 2009)
Receptor expression:
- SER-1; serotonin receptor (ortholog of mammalian 5-HT2R)
- SER-2 ; a splice variant of the tyramine receptor (variable expression)

- SER-4 ; serotonin receptor (ortholog of mammalian 5-HT1R)
(Wormbase; Altun, 2011; Dernovici et al, 2007; Carnell et al, 2005; Tsalik et al., 2003)
- Midline neuroblast, secretes UNC-6, serves as a guidepost neuron to guide growing axons from the lumbar ganglia in the posteriormost region of the ventral cord. When PVT is ablated embryonically, these axons follow multiple routes to enter the ventral cord instead of making tight bundles (Antebi et al., 1997; Ren et al., 1999). Postembryonically, PVT functions to keep the ventral cord fascicles intact. Early larval ablation of PVT induces axons of AVKL/R, PVQL/R, HSNL/R and RMEV to aberrantly cross the ventral midline (Aurelio et al., 2002)

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PVT (AB plpappppa) development in the embryo.
Dorsal view. Bottom is left side of the embryo. Spheres indicate individual nuclei. Black sphere: ancestors of PVT; dark grey spheres: apoptotic cells; other cells follow the WA color code (after they acquire specific cell or tissue identities). 0 min is fertilization. Click on the movie for higher resolution rendition (by A. Santella & Z. Bao).

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