Type: Sensory neuron
In MoW:
Male Wiring Project: HOB
In Wormbase: HOB
Lineage: P10.ppap
Location: Preanal ganglion
Description: Male specific neuron. One of two sensory neurons (HOA, HOB) that form part of the hook sensillum of the male tail (Sulston et al., 1980). HOB lies posterior to HOA. It has dilated cisternae in its cell body
Neurotransmitter/ Neuropeptide:
- Acetylcholine
- NLP-8; neuropeptide-like protein
- FLP-5; FMRFamide-like neuropeptide
(Pereira et al., 2015; Nathoo et al., 2001; M. Barr; K. Kim and C. Li, pers. comm.)
Innexin expression:
Receptor expression:
Function: Innervates sensory hook. Required for sensing the vulva during male mating behavior
(Liu and Sternberg, 1995; Barr and Sternberg, 1999; Yu et al., 2003)

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