DMusFIG 2. Body wall muscles near anterior intestine.

DMusFIG 2: Body wall muscles near anterior intestine.

Upper panel, arrow shows approximate position of EM slices in the anterior midbody, near the gonad primordium.
Transverse EM sections showing body wall muscle (green) in an L2, dauer and adult, respectively. In comparison to the L2, the dauer muscle cytoplasm is emptier, containing many large mitochondria. The sarcomeres remain intact in dauers. N, nucleus; DNC, dorsal nerve cord; VNC, ventral nerve cord.
Bars, A&B, 1 μm; C, 5 μm. (Image sources: L2 [D. Riddle] N2_SE1_L2(213) 2907-06; dauer [D. Hall] him5dar_1127-1_74535_B5_053; adult [G. Stephney] N506 Z835.)

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